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Mount Everest Tea Company

Every cup a delight

Contact Persons

Jens von Riegen
General Manager
Senior Tea Taster

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-6

Maximilian Frick
General Manager
Tea Taster

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-776

Stefan Gieschke
General Manager
Senior Tea Taster

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-85

Gwendal Allano
Sales International

Tel +49 (0) 41 21 7912-772

Henning Mohr
Sales International

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-84

Karl-Wilhelm Mohr
Sales International

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-871

Ann-Kathrin Witt
Sales International

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-784

Sabine Gerlach
Sales Backoffice International

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-779

Imke Kölling
Sales Backoffice International

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-86

Angela Neumann
Sales Backoffice International

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-83

Jessica Brey
Sales Backoffice International

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-74

Alka Brija Chhabra
Sales Backoffice International

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-877

Katrin Leopold
Sales Backoffice International

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-70

Martina Putzki
Sales Backoffice International

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-874

Klaudia Staniszewska
Sales Backoffice

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-875

Sven Bahr
Sales National

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-75

Hagen Bastian
Sales National D/AT/CH

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-82

Luisa Pérez
Key Account

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-781

Melena Siewertsen
Key Account

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-770

Ad Verhoeven
Contact Netherlands

Tel +31 (0) 654 – 28 36 15

Ora Vernet
Contact France

Tel +49 (0) 41 21-7912-772

Vincent Ballot
Contact France

Tel +49 (0) 41 21-7912-772

Michaela Denzau
Purchasing Manager
Authorized signatory

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-771

Brigitte Karst

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-873

Mirco Siebert

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-80

Leonie Monske
Tea Purchase

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-780

Moritz von Riegen
Tea Purchase

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-879

Stefan Zorn
Tea Purchase
Senior Tea Taster  

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-73

Jana Peters
Quality Management

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-880

Roman Scharf
Warehouse Manager

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-880

Marvin Böttcher
Team leader Warehouse & Production

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-887

Christina Beglaryan
Production planning

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-782

Melina Schulz
Production planning

Tel +49 (0) 4121 9383830

Vera Weiss
Production planning

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-71

Jana Koops
Personnel Management
Human Resources

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-775

Claudia Jacobs
Authorized signatory

Tel +49 (0) 4121 7912-81

We welcome our new trainees

A new phase of life has begun for two trainees: Lukas Bruns is training as a warehouse specialist and Julian Pollak is learning wholesale and foreign trade management. We are delighted to be able to accompany our new trainees on this journey and wish them a pleasant start to their careers as well as much success and enjoyment in their work at our company.


Come and visit us!


Learn more about us

For a first impression a website, a catalogue or an e-mail is sufficient. You will get to know us, our competences and our working methods particularly well during a personal visit to Elmshorn, just outside Hamburg. Can we supplement our tour of the warehouse and production or tea tasting with our experienced tea tasters with aspects that are particularly important to you? Please contact us! We are looking forward to your visit!

Please contact us at +49 (0) 4121 7912-6, send us an e-mail or use the contact form. We will contact you immediately!

Mount Everest Tea Company – Your tea wholesaler with tradition

The world of tea in Elmshorn

Passing on the joy of tea and the passion for the product – that’s the philosophy at Mount Everest Tea Company, a subsidiary of one of the oldest tea importers in Europe, Kirchner, Fischer & Co. GmbH, founded in 1793. Over the past decades we have established long-standing business relationships with many important tea growing areas including Darjeeling, Assam, South India, Nepal, Ceylon, Japan, Kenya and Java/Sumatra. From these producers and suppliers we purchase our tea varieties at fair conditions.

The catalogue assortment currently comprises about 550 different teas, including many orthodox teas, blends and blends with or without flavour. Try our black tea, green tea and Oolong tea, as well as many fruit tea blends and herbal tea blends, Lapacho, Rooibos and Honeybush. Current trend and organic teas are also constantly available in our warehouse.

As a tea wholesaler we can reliably supply you with consistent tea quality all year round. We are happy to develop tailor-made product solutions for you and with you and to support you in building and expanding your business. Only if you are successful with your specialist shop or in retail or wholesale, we will be successful as your partner in the tea trade.


Certified quality for maximum enjoyment

EU organic seal
IFS logo

Code of Conduct

As an internationally operating company we are aware of our social responsibility. Quality, sustainability and preserving resources are our top priorities. We reject all forms of discrimination and hostility based on gender, race, appearance, religion, age, origin and orientation.

We expect all our business partners to strictly reject child and forced labour and to adhere unconditionally to our Code of Conduct.

Contact us!

You would like to place an order? Do you have questions about our assortment or our services as a tea wholesaler in general? Or would you like to arrange  appointment?

Please contact us at +49 (0) 4121 7912-6, send us an e-mail or use the contact form. We will contact you immediately!

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